Firmenname: Bosco Falconeria
Strasse: Contrada da Bosco Falconeria
PLZ / Ort: IT-90146 Partinico PA
Telefon: +39 091 8789083 Postfach:
Telefax: +39 091 8789083 Postfach-PLZ:
E-Mail: info@boscofalconeria.it
Homepage: http://www.boscofalconeria.it
The terrible smell that accompanies the use of pesticides is the original reason, perhaps not highly theoretical and certainly not very scientific, why our family began in the eighties to abandon the practice of conventional agriculture. The desire to maintain all the different plants present in our territory did the rest.
Safeguarding biodiversity, improving the soil by green or organic fertilizing, thus allowing the plants - for the most part local varietals - to better endure climate adversity, are the reasons behind our decision to choose a form of agriculture which is sustainable for the environment and for the people in it.
The difficulties of the early years, related to the lack of adequate technical means and assistance in our area, are less pressing now, but those relating to marketing and to high production costs remain.
Although we believe in encouraging the diffusion of organic food, the nature of our farm, of a size too modest to allow integrated mechanization, and our choice of making space for biological diversity, thus insuring year-round employment for those who work with us, make for elevated production costs and therefore higher prices for our products than those applied by mass distribution.
These difficulties are compensated by our own satisfaction in our work and by the fidelity of those clients who have for years valued our products and who like us believe in the importance of local agriculture as a safeguard for the quality of food, of life, and of landscape.

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